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"On Monday, NATO will meet to authorize action."
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"I am satisfied that every one of the worst-case scenarios was wrong. Total NATO deaths from hostile action in Bosnia since Dayton have been zero."
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"we are on the brink of military action."
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"We showed our very strong support for Montenegro's integrity and its ability to run its own affairs,"
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"We are running almost a year behind schedule on the civilian parts of the Dayton agreement,"
"Does the Internet pose a danger in developing countries?"
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"It was a mistake to bring this kind of resolution to the floor in the middle of a world crisis."
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"While the level of fighting (in Kosovo) may have abated temporarily, the capacity for its resumption is there,"
"Dayton is a demonstration that American leadership is indispensable. But leadership means cooperation with allies and pressure on adversaries. Neither rule was followed in Iraq , with disastrous consequences."
"The director of national intelligence that the president proposed would indeed have no more authority than the current director of central intelligence has."
"in no way infringes on sovereignty (or) authority of countries, but shows the collective will of the Security Council."
"The controlled chaos is one way to get creativity. The intensity of it, the physical rush, the intimacy created the kind of dialogue that leads to synergy,"
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"That is why we are here today, to continue the progress,"
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"It was his ruthlessness and vision that helped to create Bosnia and Herzegovina,"
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"The United States and our allies and the Arab neighbors of Saddam ... must recognize that as long as Saddam Hussein remains in power he is a destabilizing factor for the entire region. He's a very dangerous man,"
"A rough kind of justice has ended his life in a padded cell after his crimes were exposed and witnesses came forward including his own associates and that, I think, had a powerful effect."
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"fixing some of the mistakes we couldn't fix at Dayton."
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"It is a struggle of great historic consequence. Indonesia is one of the most important countries in the world, the world's third largest democracy,"
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"We are not learning anything here that isn't in previous accounts, ... But to be in the physical presence of the events, that is different. While we are trying to forge a peace, we need to remember what brought us here."
"We are not learning anything here that isn't in previous accounts,"
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