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"I think I just have to let the ACC's action speak for itself."
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"I don't necessarily think that size has anything to do with rebounding. I think (it's) desire, willingness to be consistent with the fundamentals of rebounding."
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"It was one of those games where we gave them too many unnecessary opportunities. But when they are already shooting the ball as well as they do and they are as patient as they are on offense, and then you give them extra opportunities, therein lies a nice little butt-kicking."
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"Part of the journey is overcoming obstacles, and this was one I thought mentally and physically we were prepared for. I guess I'd say that Duke's experience in being in these types of games with experienced guys came through."
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"I think, overall, our team is making progress, but we have to get out of that mode where we're playing games against good caliber teams and coming up a little short."
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"Von is a special kind of athlete who has a great feel for scoring points. He can pass, shoot and dribble and do them all well. He is also able to utilize his size to his advantage, which makes him even more dangerous."
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"Once you understand the type of energy that it takes, the type of effort and communication it takes with your teammates, then it becomes fun when you're all on the same page."
"They play to each other's strengths. They play with an unselfish spirit, and they play to win without any ego."
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"We need to eliminate the mistakes that we're making that we can control. Unnecessary turnovers. We had two of them right there at the end of the first half that didn't have anything to do with (UNC)."
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"Sometimes you don't really know what to say because conversation sometimes makes it worse. You just have to give a person a hug and tell him you love him, you support him and be there for them."
"He has that drive, determination and focus. You see it in his eyes. He has that special something about him that you like to see in athletes."
"There was a period where he kind of backed off his offensive aggressiveness to be a good team member. Now that we're kind of a little more in sync, the nature of the game is giving him certain opportunities."
"I think we're a little further along. We have a better understanding of our system. We're able to make adjustments we could not make then. We're a little more mature team than we were a few years ago."
"He's getting a better understanding of his strengths."
"Andrew probably has been through as much adversity as any youngster I've known in my coaching career, just having the number of injuries he's had to endure. He's always maintained a positive attitude, and he's earned respect of his teammates. They're extremely happy for him."
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"We knew with the quick turnaround and the emotion we spent and the letdown we received from Sunday's loss, we would need energy and consistent play from our nonstarters. They gave us a big lift."
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"As I was coming in (the interview room), I was thinking about how much energy he brought to the game tonight. His comments and his enthusiasm on the bench and his communication with the players was extremely animated, unlike A.J. Sometimes he is very quiet, but he had a lot to say."
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"We've had more ups than downs. But more than anything else, I think we've had so many learning opportunities that I think now it's going to cause us to accelerate our growth process. Probably the most important thing is we've grown mentally."
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"I think we're a little further along. We have a better understanding of our system."
"We were very focused in guarding their very good perimeter players at the beginning of the game."
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