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8 Robert Hartwig quotes:

"I'm skeptical that a lot of people will use them, and I'm even more skeptical that Congress is in a mood right now to pass anything that has a negative budget impact."
Author: Hartwig Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"We don't want to promote 'serial rebuilding,' ... The industry does weigh in in post-disaster debates."
Author: Hartwig Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"The local, state and federal government are still at quite a distance away from a financially feasible solution. While there needs to be a way to assure the financial recovery of hurricane victims, you also need to make sure the risk is reflected in the price that people that live in high-risk areas pay."
Author: Hartwig Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"Unless there is some rationalization of the price of insurance relative to the risk assumed, there will be continued problems of availability."
Author: Hartwig Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"We're looking at complete chaos in New Orleans, with explosions and uncontrolled fires,"
Author: Hartwig Quotes Category: Chaos Quotes
"The state of Florida is living in denial. Florida is not living up to its obligation to control growth and shows no signs of living up to its obligation."
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"Politicians are loath to do anything that would hurt development in their local district. Politically, it would be impossible to propose limiting development."
Author: Hartwig Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"That alters the risk equation"
Author: Hartwig Quotes Category: Risk Quotes

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