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38 Susan Collins quotes:

"We can never fully repay the debt of our proud nation to those who have laid down their lives for our country. The best we can do is honor their memory, ensure that their sacrifice is not in vain, and help provide for their families."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"troubling concerns that the Army Corps' ongoing repair and reconstruction efforts have been insufficient."
"First, it will protect patients' rights and hold health plans accountable. Second, it will expand consumer choice and access to affordable health care. And third, it will improve health care quality and outcomes."
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"At this point, I see no basis for invoking 'extraordinary circumstances' and for anyone to mount a filibuster."
"Just because his nomination might not meet the threshold of extraordinary circumstances doesn't guarantee that I will vote to confirm him. We will have to examine his record and wait and see."
"So far, I have seen no evidence of improper influence with members of the administration, but I am sure that question will be fully explored in these hearings."
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"(It) raises very serious questions about whether Sidney Blumenthal was truthful in his sworn deposition,"
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Questions Quotes
"It doesn't feel like progress."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"Progress has been halting, a trail of missteps that calls into question what has been done during the last four years, and that continues to plague the recovery even today."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"These agencies are charged with the important and often challenging responsibility of enforcing our immigration and customs laws,"
"a complete disconnect between senior officials and the reality of the situation."
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"In voting to acquit the president I do so with grave misgivings for I do not mean in any way to exonerate this man, ... He lied under oath, he sought to interfere with the evidence, he tried to influence the testimony of key witnesses. And while it may not be a crime, the president exploited a very young star-stuck employee whom he then proceeded to smear in an attempt to destroy her credibility, her reputation and her life."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"demonstrates that many of the widespread failures throughout the levee system were not solely the result of Mother Nature."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"These rebuilt levees may be at risk of failing in another storm, a disturbing finding that raises questions about the safety of the city's returning residents,"
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Taxpayers bought Miami-Dade residents thousands of television sets, air conditioners and other appliances,"
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"My inclination is to say that FEMA does belong in the Department of Homeland Security."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"If there was ever an agency in need of oversight, FEMA is it. It's a very big management job, and because of the nature of the work they do, they have only one chance to get it right."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"It contrasts so sharply with the lack of planning and the slow response of FEMA,"
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Planning Quotes

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