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"Were really trying to make Crisis as accessible as possible, which is extremely difficult to do because it involves so many characters. But, again, you dont need to know all the details. Obviously the mainstays are there Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and heavily focused on. There are a ton of great characters, and a lot happens to them over the course of Infinite Crisis . Some change and evolve, others fall, but it really is about trying to bring everybody on stage. We probably have 90 percent of the DCU showing up, if not more but without losing focus on what the story is."
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"Hopefully this is the payoff of all the work everybodys been doing for where were taking the DC Universe into 2006 and beyond. Everythings story-driven. Were all trying to do the best stories we can. These villains have to be real threats. Theyve got to be as tough as the heroes are, or tougher, because that makes our heroes stronger. Theres nothing better than having a hero go up against someone more powerful and smarter than them, and winning anyway because theyre doing the right thing. Thats why I like making villains capable, powerful, and nasty because it makes our good guys look that much better."
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"I think he's going to be a fantastic new character."
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