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"I'm swallowing hard. I'm really trying to fathom how in this day in age it can even be said. This is not something we're going to take lightly. It's a very emotional subject. It's a blow below the belt. I know it deeply affected Felipe. I'm disappointed and disheartened we have to react to it. We stand by our manager and stand by his comments and feelings on the subject."
"To get a switch-hitter (who is) a leadoff hitter with a lot of dimensions -- power, speed -- the ability to play the outfield as he does is really a godsend to the organization."
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"He's had his challenges in spring training to get out of the gate. If ever there a year that he needed to be on time, it's this year. He's a free agent-to-be, and we certainly need him."
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"Him taking swings in a college batting cage is a long way from doing baseball work with us, ... It's just another step in his rehab. To what extent this is of any significance -- until I'm told otherwise -- it's just part of the exercise regimen he's going through. Once he's accelerated to the point where the doctors are ready to turn him over to us, then he can do more meaningful and substantial baseball activities. But for now, this is just another step."
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"Todd brings a veteran presence to the team and he'll be one of the catchers in the competition for the backup spot behind Mike Matheny."
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"I don't go that deep. It's all about our budget. We answer to a higher authority -- which is our lender."
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"Spring training was a long time ago. He could be starting from ground zero as far as the baseball activities."
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"I'm embarrassed we had to do it, ... The blame starts with me. We made choices, and they obviously didn't turn out."
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"His stuff has been electric. He's throwing strikes and the breaking ball is improved. I think his future, and the impact he could have on the major-league roster, it looks like he'll probably start the year in the bullpen."
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"It's reasonable to think he can play 120 games. Now, will we be in a position to have to rest him and be conscious that he's going to come in some days cranky and not be able to go? The next step is to get him in spring training and get him in a position to be able to do that. I think he wants that."
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"We're going into a pitchers' park whose team won the division last year. Then we're going home to our park, which is a pitchers' park, against two teams that can pitch. We saw what happened last year when teams came into our place, especially, and we didn't do the job to hold the opposition down and keep the opposition in check. So we're going to have to be ready to pitch, especially in those first three series."
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"By what I see, do I think he's capable of playing a lot? Yes. Only God and he knows how much he's going to play, and the manager."
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"Only God and he know how much he's going to play. And the manager."
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"I'm not the manager, thank God. I just hope (Bonds) is in the lineup to bat somewhere. I think we all know what we're up against, and especially he knows what he's up against."
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"I think his development has been lightning quick because of his God-given talent. He has great aptitude and he's been able to develop very fast in front of our eyes at every level."
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"I don't want to be too hard-line about it, but the more we see of the old Jason Schmidt, the more you want to sign him."
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"He has had some quality at-bats, and pitchers have pitched him really tough."
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"I'm not worried about pitchers, but I have some concerns about Mo. Guys will be running 90 feet, throwing long, going all out. Yes, you have some anxieties."
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"As a GM, to get a switch-hitter who's a leadoff hitter with a lot of dimensions -- power, speed, the ability to play the outfield the way he does -- is a godsend to the organization. The opportunity was great, the timing was wonderful and he's very deserving."
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"The opportunity was great, the timing wonderful."
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