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Barbara Boxer Quotes

41 Barbara Boxer quotes:

"Now, in an unbelievable rewriting of history, you talk about this bolder mission we undertook in response to 9/11 to transform the Middle East with Iraq as an anchor,"
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: History Quotes
"Let's not rewrite history, it's too soon for that,"
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: History Quotes
"What's important to me is that justice be done, ... and that people who are alleging that they were abused in anyway, you know, have a process, and that whatever that process is and the results of it is, has to be accepted. That's the way we operate in this country."
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"Really, life is complicated enough without having a bunch of Senators deciding what we should do in the privacy of our own homes."
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"Clearly, he was wrong to have that relationship in the first place, ... right to take full responsibility."
"You can count on Social Security, and with every fiber of my being, I will make sure it is there not only for my generation, but for my children's generation and for my grandchild's generation."
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"My publisher couldn't believe the timing,"
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"What George Bush did is he picked his tax cut and then sort of built a budget around it, ... Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer."
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes
"A proposed rule on human pesticide testing that fails to protect children and families should be shelved immediately. A protective rule must be issued in its place,"
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"When you take a stand out of deep conviction, people know. They may not even agree, but they ask, 'Do I want someone who is willing to take a hard stand and someone I can trust to do that when the chips are down?' They want that."
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"The White House has embarked on a mission to convince the people of our country that Social Security is in dire need of drastic change in order to save it for all workers."
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"You don't unite this country when you pick someone for your Cabinet who is so far out of the mainstream that it really divides the country,"
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"When the people take a look at this plan and they see that the people in our country -- the elite few who earn over a million dollars get back a hundred thousand a year, and the average family gets back a few hundred dollars a year -- they'll realize that this plan isn't fair,"
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"If we turn our back on the people of this country who need to work for a living, we shouldn't be here, to be honest, because that has to be an essential part of what we do to protect the country, from the standpoint of defense, protect workers and make sure they have jobs."
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"I'll tell you who mentioned it constantly, my opponents and the press. Constantly, ... But I've held community meetings. I opened up the floor, there's 300, 400 people. They could ask me whatever they want. Never, ever once [do people ask]."
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"Medical professionals, not insurance company bureaucrats, should be making health care decisions."
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"On the other side of this debate they are very good at getting votes. And they are very good at being politicians, but I don't think they are worth a wit in the gynecological operating room! I don't want them in that operating room, telling a doctor what procedure to use for my daughter, or my niece."
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"While we have men and women dying to bring democracy abroad, we've got to make it the best it can be here at home, and that's why I'm doing this."
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"Law enforcement officers are never 'off duty.' They are dedicated public servants who are sworn to protect public safety at any time and place that the peace is threatened. They need all the help that they can get."
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"If you can't repeal her right to choose, take away her ability to pay for what is legal,"
Author: Boxer Quotes Category: Ability Quotes

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