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"A lot of people oppose using tax dollars to finance a stadium because they live too far or have no interest in the sport. But if it can be demonstrated that the public has a potential use of a facility, then elected officials at every level would have a much better case for justifying public participation."
Author: Flint Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"We learned two things from Katrina, ... One, when government orders an evacuation, it must provide a means for all persons to evacuate and two, you have to provide a shelter with an adequate means to maintain order, hygiene, food and most of all, dignity."
Author: Flint Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"Over what the county was providing, there was a dramatic increase in the quality of services, with the next jurisdiction in the county more than double our property taxes."
Author: Flint Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"The ability to evacuate is severely limited in south Florida, ... In other parts of the country, you can go east, north or south to get away from a hurricane. In south Florida, you can only go north."
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