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Chamfort Chamfort Quotes

6 Chamfort Chamfort quotes:

"People are governed with the head; kindness of heart is little use in chess."
Author: Chamfort Quotes Category: French Writer Quotes Chess Quotes
"A person of intellect without energy added to it, is a failure."
"Pleasure may come from illusion, but happiness can come only of reality."
Author: Chamfort Quotes Category: Pleasure Quotes
"An author is often obscure to the reader because they proceed from the thought to expression than like the reader from the expression to the thought."
"The person is always happy who is in the presence of something they cannot know in full. A person as advanced far in the study of morals who has mastered the difference between pride and vanity."
"Society is divided into two classes, the shearers and the shorn."
Author: Chamfort Quotes Category: Society Quotes

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