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Abner Louima Quotes

6 Abner Louima quotes:

"But I'm confident that complete justice will be done in my case."
Author: Louima Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"When they want to seek our vote, they know where to reach us. But I don't see most of them here with us. They know we exist when they need to be elected, but after the election they become blind and deaf when it comes to our problems. ... We demand the government to use its power, as one of the greatest nations in the world, to end police brutality, to end racial profiling."
"I hope that in the future that it puts police brutality to rest and there will be no more victims."
Author: Louima Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"blue wall of silence and lies to obstruct justice."
Author: Louima Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"I was under medication. And my memory, it wasn't clear like it is now, today."
Author: Louima Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"What happened to me should not happen to any human being, to my children, or to anyone else's children,"
Author: Louima Quotes Category: Children Quotes

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