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12 Caron Butler quotes:

"Coach is a player's coach, ... He gets real involved in what's going on, so I had to give him a little high-five."
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"That has been our focus all year and now we're starting to feel comfortable playing defense. We have to keep turning it up. I think the difference is that we're trusting each other more than we did at the beginning of the season."
"When things go bad, they go all the way bad. That's good. We got an opportunity to feel that early on in the playoffs."
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"When you go through adversity, either you are going to bail out or you come together. This team came together and got closer. I think that's why we're being so successful right now because we're so tight. I just think the chemistry is coming together slowly but surely. It is coming together more and more."
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"I'm just happy because this is such a great situation for me and my family, ... I know a good fit when I see one and from the time I arrived here in Washington, the organization has made me and my family feel so welcome. I'm excited about knowing that my future will be with this team."
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"I thought he still played great — 26 (points) and nine (rebounds). That's a bad night for him? That's unbelievable."
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"It was big, yeah, but we felt all along that we were going to win this game -- all night long. We've been trying to get over the hump on the road. We've had some tough losses, games we thought we should have won. Tonight we weren't going to let someone beat us."
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"We were rushing things. We were doing a lot of things that were out of character. Coach showed us films. He showed us that our offense works. Obviously, we know that. We just have to stick with it."
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"I think the character of this team has already been revealed in the face of adversity. Early on, when a lot of people were writing us off, I think we bounced back. Coach did a great job of getting the right guys out there, the rotation was good and we stepped up. Now this is another challenge. We've got to step up. It's a must that we go .500 or better, and I think we are prepared to do that."
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"With the adversity I've been through in my life, he helped me through it. He's a great man. I'm just happy to be in the circle. I love you for that, coach."
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"Beating them earlier in the season at home gave us confidence coming into the game tonight. We felt like we were only a couple of possessions away from getting a win tonight."
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"We're confident. We don't doubt our ability to go out and have a successful trip."
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