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Martha Wise Quotes

6 Martha Wise quotes:

"I'm ecstatic. I think it's a win for science, a win for students and a win for the state of Ohio."
Author: Wise Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"It is deeply unfair to the children of this state to mislead them about science."
Author: Wise Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"What it's been is the evolution of terminology. A little wedge here, then in Kansas, South Carolina, Utah, and all over the United States. That's Discovery's modus operandi."
Author: Wise Quotes Category: Evolution Quotes
"How could I dare do something like this if I say I believe in God? I can do that because I believe there are two separate issues here. One is the teaching of good science. The other is the teaching of creationism and I think that is important, too, but I think that should be taught in any other class or at church or at home ... not in science class."
Author: Wise Quotes Category: God Quotes
"I am [a] creationist. I do believe in both sides of [the] matter, but I believe good science should be taught in the science classes of Ohio."
Author: Wise Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"I am a creationist. I believe both sides of this issue, but I believe science should be taught."
Author: Wise Quotes Category: Science Quotes

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