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15 Marcus Vick quotes:

"Beamer said. ''They're winning kids. They're humble kids. They've got a lot of ability. You like being around them. They're in control on the field. That's about everything you like out of a quarterback."
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"I apologize for letting my emotions get the best of me Saturday, ... What I did was wrong and I am sorry."
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"I love my older brother. He paved my life for me. He put my whole family on his back in college. But there's ups and downs with that. When things are going good, he's a great person to have as your brother. When bad things happen, everybody knows about it."
Author: Vick Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"I embarrassed my family. My family didn't speak to me for weeks after that."
Author: Vick Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"This gives our guys a lot of confidence, by getting two wins in other people's stadiums. It's going to be big when we go back home (this) week."
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"It seems they put all their confidence into their cornerbacks, so we're really going to see how good they are,"
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"I feel very in control. It's just breaking the huddles and getting the guys to the huddle, and getting a snap count called correctly and know where to go with the ball."
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"The defense has been giving us great opportunities."
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"It was everything I expected, ... I could've done a little better throwing the ball. But they have a great defense."
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"I don't feel like I was forcing things. Sometimes I had to get rid of the ball and hope my receivers made a play. Unfortunately, they didn't."
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"That kind of hurts me. Maurice and Lawrence were definitely guys who had a bad past. They're not even in the league anymore. But I'm a hard worker. I'm going to keep on fighting through my ups and downs. That's the difference between me and them."
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"We got the win, so it doesn't matter, ... But otherwise, the three interceptions made my night terrible. I don't like that at all."
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"I really can't tell yet how people feel about me. But why wouldn't people have an open mind about me? I'm not a bad guy and I plan to tell the truth."
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"One fumble slipped out of my hands. The other fumbles was my ball security and me being reckless out there."
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"I have never owned a gun. I don't carry a gun. I have no idea why the police came to my house and arrested me later that night. I had a cell phone and someone mistook for a gun. Guns are dangerous. You never know when they might go off."
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