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"I don't feel like I focus that much on class issues. I'm more interested in stories about people who can feel like they belong, or don't belong. It's a lot like junior high school, unfortunately."
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"Thrilled and petrified. Equal measures of both. Thrilled because I have a history with Sundance, which made this feel special and like a real honor. Petrified, I guess, because I think it's never good to go into a film with really high expectations. That can't be in my favor. That's not to say it won't meet them, but what if it doesn't? I hope people will have goodwill toward it."
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"I think people are led by their representation a lot. I know there were a lot of mixed feelings about Jennifer taking my movie. Some were really supportive, and some people in her camp were very against it, like, 'You did your Good Girl !' It's so crazy; it's about a role, it's about a part."
"You can't just assume that everybody is in the same situation. And with children we all have ideas about how money should be spent on them and it's not like there's an ugly thing in my life and between my friends it's just I thought it was a fun thing to write about."

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