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Larry Magid Quotes

6 Larry Magid quotes:

"We were making progress largely because parents and kids became more aware of the dangers."
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"At any given moment, kids are more likely to be online than adults. Hackers know this and lure children with flashy pop-ups and fake prizes that are really malicious attacks intended to give the hacker control of the computer and access to personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers. I applaud Zone Labs for making an effort to help educate families about the dangers online."
Author: Magid Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"The danger comes from instant messaging on phones, and also the exchange of pictures or video in both directions, as well as telephone calls, ... Now that a very large percentage of teens have cell phones, they're accessible away from home."
Author: Magid Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"Part of the answer, ... has to do with creating support systems at home that are adequate, and part is the kids understanding that there is no free lunch."
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"They can attempt to search for their child's profile. Don't only search for them by name. Search by school. Don't overreact. Don't yank the modem out of the wall. Focus on the fact that if they're not careful, they're a sitting duck. Don't get into value judgments about their taste and their issues. Knives in the hands of a chef can to productive things. But knives in the hands of a child who isn't trained to use it can be dangerous."
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"It's not unusual for a person with a very respectable job to be caught up in Internet crimes against children. We've had cases of police officers, clergy, teachers, youth leaders, doctors ? people from all walks of life ? who have been arrested on similar charges. Predators don't necessarily look and act any different from the rest of us, which is why kids need to be very careful."
Author: Magid Quotes Category: Children Quotes

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