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"She has said two or three short sentences. When she sees here children, she says 'I love you.' At first she was only repeating things that the speech therapist said to her, or [the speech therapist] would start a song and [King] would start to sing it. Now she is coming up with what she wants to say, which is new. Every day, there is a little progress."
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"She is learning to use her left hand and relearning to use her right hand. Her personality is the same. Her intellect is the same and her smile is the same. The right side of her face is moving a little more, so she is looking like herself."
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"I am expecting more improvement. She doesn't have to be back to normal in order for us to release her. We send people home for home physical therapy all the time. But because she needs such intense therapy, we thought we would just keep her here and do it here."
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"I'm not certain she'll have full recovery. We certainly hope for that."
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"The risk is not zero. But it's low."
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