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"We definitely think, in children in particular, that this vaccine is as good or better than the standard flu shot, ... The children who received the vaccine, who were all preschool children, had a dramatic decrease in natural flu."
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"By interrupting the flu in children, we may have an impact on your own city or town and reduce the overall impact of flu each winter,"
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"It's a wonderful school with a great reputation. It's also a beautiful campus that's only two hours from my house."
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"We bucked the trend in radio research. We did what no else said could be done."
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"Value-added services such as MMS and WAP have become key revenue generators for operators. However, they rely on certain handset settings to be correctly configured and failed connections are often blamed on poor handset configuration. Unfortunately, this is often the first barrier between a user and the service and after just one failed attempt to send an MMS or access a WAP service, the chance of repeat use is dramatically cut."
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"They've changed the rules where it makes it so exciting, and the speed is increased and there's more scoring."
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"For the service, obviously, you have to stay in shape. You?re going to get yelled at and it?s very demanding. Marathons are very demanding too."
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