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7 Jim Sanfilippo quotes:

"Jack's a product visionary. He's got the ability to look over the horizon and see how it's going and tell you how to get there. That's an extraordinary talent."
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"That's the real core of the car battleground in America in terms of volume. Those are huge, huge volume vehicles."
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"It's a race for the hearts and minds of the premium buyer."
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"What Ford is trying to do is find hyper-efficient ways to connect the name with the image of the vehicle in the marketplace prior to introduction."
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"They've got to be very pleased. They are buoyant on sales of their most important products. It really does signal a very robust first quarter for them."
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"Sales are going to be down a bit, and it's because of gas prices that haven't seemed to come down. The end of the month hurt the auto manufacturers. People were saying, 'Are gas prices finally going to fall?' And they didn't."
Author: Sanfilippo Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"They [the Koreans] are top-down when it comes to management, and they are more determined than they are patient, The sign of a real global player is when you can trust another culture to run the company in their market."

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