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17 Adewale Ogunleye quotes:

"On paper, we have the ability to be a top-three defense. That's on paper. Now we have to go out and do it."
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"In the back of your mind, you're going, 'oh shoot, here we go again,' ... You might want to doubt yourself for a while again. But then you re-group. And think that it's good that it happened early in the season. It gives us a chance to have our identity in place by the time the season starts September 11."
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"Now, he knows it's a business. He just comes to work every day and tries to work hard."
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"Everybody has faith in everybody else that everybody is going to be in their position and be in their gap and make the play. The linebackers expect us to be somewhere, and we expect the linebackers to be somewhere."
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"You try to stay away from family."
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"I believe if we bring our 'A' game and they bring theirs, yeah, I think we'll win."
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"I think that's big because we've always — since the beginning of camp — talked about trying to be the No. 1 defense in the league. So whoever is playing has got to try to live up to that."
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"We're not too concerned about them as far as running the ball; we think we can control the run."
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"I just hope it doesn't make us lax on defense."
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"I think [defense] is the more common denominator of the eight teams left playing. It's impossible to get to this point without a very good defense. And there are some great defenses [still playing]. Plus, just look at how [the first round] played out."
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"In this defense, this scheme, we need the ball to come out fast. I'm good with what happened. I'm getting a lot of calls from friends around the league. It's not going to take away from the year I am having."
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"That is tough. We win as a team, we lose as a team. That counts against the defense, but it's not going to take away from our efforts. It definitely is disappointing because that was a goal we had in the back of our minds."
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"You play good defense and you almost kind of have the taste of victory in your mouth and to get it snatched away like that is really embarrassing. That's not the way that I play football. That's not the way the defense plays football, and as a team that's not the way we should be playing football."
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"It's not an issue. And it won't be. We're all in this together. We, as a defense, know what we have to do. I won't lie to you and say there isn't more pressure on us, because there is. Deservedly so. Our quarterback went down. It's up to us to make sure we get the ball back for the offense and limit the scoring. We'll be OK if we do that."
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"Brian is the leader of the No. 1 defense in the league. You can go either way, and I'm sure Brian would say Thomas Jones, but he's right at the top."
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"Everything is going to come down to what defense plays the best, and which is going to make the least amount of mistakes. It's definitely going to be a defensive struggle."
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"There've been a lot of broken plays ... and Brian's the guy who's been saving us. He's been running to the ball making tackles. Even though it may have been a 20-yard gain, he keeps it from being a touchdown with his speed."
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