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Nick White Quotes

5 Nick White quotes:

"My goal this season is to make it into the regional finals. I have more desire and strength this season and feel I am ready."
Author: White Quotes Category: Desire Quotes
"Consumers should check they are getting the best package from their provider for their lifestyle. For example, for the 27% of consumers that carry a balance the most important considerations are the interest rate and charges, because any perks will be wiped out by these."
Author: White Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"We're trying to create a dynasty, we're trying to build something. Little by little I think it's happening."
Author: White Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"I want the burden to be on my shoulders. I relish it. I don't mind putting the team on my back."
Author: White Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"We have a friend in town who's from Scotland and we were thinking of doing a Omaha/Glasgow band cooperation, which would be super fun."
Author: White Quotes Category: Cooperation Quotes

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