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"So everybody has a lot of confidence he can kick a football and he does a nice job in practice."
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"You bank on what the doctors say, ... We're in touch with what is supposed to be the best [hamstring specialist] in the country. We're going to listen to him and see how David feels and go from there."
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"In everything it's my responsibility. It's my football team. It's a reflection of me."
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"We're not on vacation. We're down here to play a football game."
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"We knew he was hurt, but it was not nearly as bad when he was playing as it was when he woke up (Tuesday) morning. It stiffened up on him. But he felt comfortable playing."
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"We will have to make a potential roster move down the road here,"
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"Once the groin becomes an issue, then the recovery is not going to take place and rest is not going to help it. It is just too much discomfort to where Donovan can't run and function."
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"It's unfortunate it happened. But it's no excuse."
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"He's a great kid. He worked so hard in the off-season. He came back in phenomenal shape. We were looking forward to getting him back out there. He did some good things. For that to happen, your heart goes out to the guy."
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"We feel that we have the quality to get the three points and we want to win the group."
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"I think he feels pretty good, ... He is running around good. He hasn't had a lot of pain in there. He will get a nice stretch before he gets out there and plays. He should be fine."
"You can't worry about all those things, ... We've always said the next guy has to step up and that's worked for us."
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"We wanted to score a touchdown. That's what we were shooting for so we wouldn't have to worry about that other part. It didn't work out that way."
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"Lamar is a big back with good speed and quickness. He also has the ability to catch the ball which will help him in this offense. He's a talented, young running back who should be a good compliment to the rest of the backs on this team. We're look forward to getting him into Philadelphia and onto the practice field this week."
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"I need to do a better job of putting my players in position to make plays on the offensive side of the ball. On the defensive side, I saw some good things."
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"You're going to think I'm crazy, but he is a pleasure to coach. He enjoys playing the game. No matter what phase we were in during this thing, he enjoys it. . . . I appreciate that."
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"They're not having problems communicating. There is no problem. It's not something we have to prove every game."
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"We'll see how it goes. Brian is our primary running back, but we will utilize (Gordon's) talents as we go. We'll give Lamar a chance to get acclimated, and we'll see how he progresses."
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"Besides his ability, another thing that impressed us was that he was the captain of the football team, which shows he was very well-respected by the coaches and players. We're excited to be bring in a person of that caliber."
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"I knew he was hurt. It wasn't nearly as bad (Monday) night when he was playing as it was when he woke up (Tuesday) morning. It kind of stiffened up on him. He felt comfortable playing. He never said a word about it. He just went out and did his thing."
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