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17 John Meyer quotes:

"This was the first real evidence indicating the direction of iron ore prices for the entire industry, which has meaningful impact for mining equities."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"This was probably our best game of the year, the ball movement, balanced scoring and execution on offense and our effort defensively."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"It is a scenic sight, ... It's not being used for navigation, but it's fun to look at."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"We're looking at this as one of the future aspects of photography. Photography and seeing ultimately will converge."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Five-hundred dollars an ounce is still a great margin for gold producers, particularly in Russia. Rising cash costs around the world means that Russia stands out."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"Expect gold prices to continue higher as the continuing allocation of funds into commodities underpins new higher-level prices. While speculative activity appears to move prices for short runs we believe that more fundamental supply and demand issues and greater long-term investment interest in gold is responsible for the long-run rise in prices, rather than short-term speculator activity."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"There is significant positive momentum behind gold with new investment funds reported to be investing across the board in the listed commodity markets."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"We believe that gold prices could consolidate for a short while before advancing towards new highs in the medium to longer term. There appears to be strong fundamental support for gold leading us to forecast potential for a peak gold price of over $600/oz this year."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"Oil market profits are being diverted into gold in some instances as oil traders look to bank profits in this area, preferring gold as a potentially more stable alternative investment."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"The Chinese data indicates a continuation of strong GDP growth in China and Asia enabling further demand growth for commodities and the potential maintenance of commodity prices at historically high levels."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"In reality, dredging would probably be more important than that. That's probably more practical than reconstruction, but that's not a good thing to say."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"Web services fits into the original vision of the ASP model in that there are these functions out on the Internet and you can just go out there and rent them."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Vision Quotes
"I'm feeling a lot better. The off week really helped. I'll be ready to go Friday night."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"There's always a younger fellow with a little more strength and a little more speed so it's a fight every year to hold your spot on the team. That threat gets the adrenaline going and makes you play that much harder. It's a great source of exercise but you don't really give it that much thought because you're out there having a good time with friends."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"Because the pool is deeper I tell them to work on their turns, starts and finishes."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"He's a real shy kid and real quiet. At first, he didn't understand he had to work real hard."
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"Mason City Schools is in violation of the law for using taxpayers' money to oppose or support any bond issue or levy,"
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Law Quotes

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