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"Energy costs have just gone sky high on us as everyone else. Anything the school system can do to try and conserve energy we are going to do."
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"After a couple years of occasional lessons with Pass I moved to Boston to attend the New England Conservatory."
"I agree totally with Metheny regarding the sound influencing the way you play."
"I love the traditional sound of a guy like Wes or Jim Hall and when I'm playing that type of music I gravitate to that kind of sound."
"I was exposed to jazz early on."
"In fact like most other kids in the late 60's I was listening to Hendrix, Allman Bros., Beatles, Eric Clapton and Led Zepplin among other stuff."
"People who listen to the music for the music and are adventurous in their playing tend to dig it, those who have a narrower perspective don't."
"Still others want a traditional guitar sound if they call you for guitar."
"The combination of experience and experimentation will ultimately yield a personal sound."
"The synth allows me to breathe with woodwind and brass players and opens up phrasing possibilities not possible with standard guitar."
"Tone on jazz guitars is a real tough issue."
"Anytime somebody wants to sell an adult product, they're going to get a lot of complaints, ... It's our duty to comply."
"The rest of the world is sweeping past us. The oil and gas of the Texas future is the well-educated mind. But we are still worried about whether Midland can beat Odessa at football."
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"It is not often that you have a classmate in Hollywood and you get to have a reunion out here."
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"What I was looking for was information that possibly could indicate another person that may be involved in this incident,"
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"What makes Renaissance special is our kids. One, it's the best public school in the nation academically. And, two, they come here to win. They don't want to come to a school with tradition and not win. You talk about experience."
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"The team has great work ethic, but is young. He shouldered the responsibility of taking them to the next level."
"I grew up at a time when Buddy Holly was on top, ... He is still on top. His music hasn't died."
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