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"Sky increased sales to new customers and achieved strong profit growth this quarter despite facing a challenging competitive environment and continued economic pressure on consumers."
"Today?s offer reflects the exciting opportunities that now exist to combine quality entertainment with significant high-speed connections."
"We've reached a point where integration into a home entertainment platform will be both viable and attractive to customers and we expect to see rapid convergence between pay-TV penetration in the marketplace and broadband penetration."
"I am sure he will help us build Sky's reputation as the nation's number one entertainment choice,"
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"With the main benefits of these operational initiatives starting to accrue in the run-up to Christmas 2006, the group expects the phasing of subscriber growth to be weighted towards the second half of this calendar year."
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"We are well positioned to sustain our growth as existing and future customers tell us that Sky is their preferred brand for new entertainment and communications services."
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"However, the question of addressability remains a central one in Taiwan's future cable development. There are virtually no set-top boxes in the home, and cable systems remain largely one-way analog."
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"My hope and my intention is that as long as the board is satisfied with the work that I'm doing that I will be able to stick with it for the long term and continue rolling out the program of work that we've set out for the business."
"[It will] blow people backwards out of their living room."
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"The team has met or over-achieved core performance measures including sales and operating profit, notwithstanding an increase in churn."

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