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"It got pretty sore. The doctors said it should be fine."
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"[Wright will get to experience all the color and pageantry of this storied rivalry up close when he tries to help the ninth-ranked Hurricanes extend their winning streak over the 'Noles to seven games.] Everybody has a story about this game, ... I'm hoping to create one for myself."
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"I guess you could say (you're) licking your chops. But it still comes down to execution. We want to get better each game, so once we get into those bigger games, we're clicking."
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"I can't really envision much more of a hostile environment, ... It's on national TV. Monday night football. Everybody's going to watch it. But you've got to put that aside. Bottom line is, it's still a game. It's still going to be 11 guys on offense, 11 guys on defense."
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"[With no choice but to pore over film and brood about goals throughout those troubled months, Wright entered spring ball prepared, determined and as confident as ever.] I'm going in with the attitude that it's my job, ... My time is finally here and nobody is going to take that away from me."
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"When we didn't execute this season, it didn't work. At times, inconsistency hurt us. That was a big thing for us."
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"Mentally, I think I've grown so much, understanding the offense and understanding the game and how to manage a game. I guess you can say it kind of feels like night and day."
"I felt like I was back in high school, getting pulled out of the game so early."
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"It was a great feeling to go out, have everybody out on the field at the same time, running around and having fun."
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"When you have somebody knocking at your door and especially with the type of talent that we have at running back, it forces you to elevate your game. Those are things we've expected of Tyrone since he's been here."
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"We can't go in and make first-game mistakes that you'd get away with against a team of a lesser caliber."
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"Willie has as much physical talent as anybody I've seen since I've been here. He's a good kid. Obviously, everybody knows he's just extremely talented. If he gets out on the field, he's just a playmaker. He's going to be able to impact a game."
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"Even the guys on our team, they love the Tomahawk chop, ... It's something that really gets you hyped up. When you see that Indian, whatever his name is, throw the spear, it's electrifying, not intimidating."
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"We know what type of players we have and we know what type of potential we have. If we go out and pass the ball successfully and run the ball successfully, I don't care what they say, they're not going to beat us."
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"I'm tired of working out. We've been putting in a lot of work over the summer and guys are feeling great. I think we're really ready to put on the pads and get going. And once Saturday comes, I think all that hard work is going to show."
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"This is the type of game where you want to go in, refine the kinks, work things out and really work on the things we haven't been able to get done in previous weeks so we can go into the rest of the season fine-tuned."
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"You can't worry about the outside pressure. But you also have to realize this is kind of a make-or-break game."
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