Peter O'Kelly Quotes

5 Peter O'Kelly quotes:

"Many of the enterprise customers we talk with wouldn't want major updates more frequently than a two- to three-year cycle, even if Microsoft could deliver updates on a faster cycle."
Author: O'Kelly Quotes Category: Customers Quotes
"They did not get a lot of energy behind their open-source initiative, ... Just declaring that something is open source does not mean it is going to be popular."
Author: O'Kelly Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"The open source competition is forcing them to be more pragmatic in terms of pricing. This is a very natural development in the market."
"In general, given a choice between a device designed to be dedicated for a specific task (or a few tasks) and a general-purpose device that addresses the same needs -- without seeming like a clunky Swiss Army Knife device brick -- I'll take the general-purpose device every time."
Author: O'Kelly Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"I expect astounding things coming in the future, but we need a reset on the market projections and hype of today."
Author: O'Kelly Quotes Category: Future Quotes

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