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"I thought the game was over. I'm a complete idiot. I was jumping up and down like a fool out there. I thought Gee's basket won the game for us."
"(He) has come out of nowhere. I mean my goodness, I don't think there's a whole lot of freshmen in America doing what he's doing. He has been terrific."
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"There's no magic wand you can wave over your team. I know the one response you cannot have is to get down and get disappointed. I don't think our team will do that. Injuries are part of the game. When I was in Kuwait coaching, there was a sign that said 'Adapt and overcome.' That's what we are going to have to do."
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"He's the man of steel, no question. He's our version of Lou Gehrig. He's the iron man; he never comes out."
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"As a graduate assistant just starting, I get the opportunity to know John Wooden. I mean, are you kidding me? How great an opportunity that was."
"We wanted to take advantage of an opportunity if it was there. We didn't want to just make the game an absolute helter-skelter, run-up-and- down. But we didn't want to turn opportunities down either. And we had a bunch of them."
"I wouldn't do anything different at the end of the game. Absolutely. I've got as much confidence in Ron Steele as anybody in the nation."
"In the time outs, there was a ton of determination in those guys. That comes from being burned once or twice."
"Whether we play Winthrop or Louisiana Tech or (future opponents) Temple or (North Carolina) State, the players realize we schedule very, very good basketball teams and we've got to play at a high level every night."
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"You'd like to put some magic potion on your team and have them play like that every game."
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"You're not allowed to be tired. That's against the rules. That's not an option. They know what happened at Arkansas. They know what happened against Kentucky. They just didn't want that to happen anymore."
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"He was very successful at the smaller level, and when he had the opportunity to coach at this level I knew he would do well."
"Richard Hendrix was terrific today. He was a real presence. We did a good job of getting the ball inside and rebounding the ball. Richard especially."
"I think it gave him some confidence and he got to see where he stacked up. He had a great year this year, and he's improved every year he's been here."
"LSU is one of the better teams in the country. Their front line is tremendous."
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"Really in the last two, three or four years we've been as aggressive as anybody in the country with our non-conference schedule. I hope that doesn't hurt us. I hope that all of a sudden that's not used against you, because we could have played three easier teams in December and we'd be 20-9 and everyone will be celebrating."
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"As a coach, sometimes that's a difficult thing to do."
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"The fun thing about our team right now is I think each guy is making key contributions at key times. You can go through everybody on our roster. They're all making key plays. That's all you can ask of them."
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"The last four games, Darrel Mitchell has averaged about 26 or 27 points a game (actually 24.5), and we felt like against a zone he would find too many holes and get loose. We went to the zone once in the first half and he buried a 3 on us. I just felt like with Darrel Mitchell, right now, at the level he's been playing, we just needed to be body to body with him for 40 minutes."
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"His last two games he was 2-for-15 from the field. He really concentrated on his shooting. For us to be good you can't take the shots away from him. He got loose against the zone and made a couple of shots, he got off to a real good start and I thought that was the key."
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