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Kevin Taft Quotes

10 Kevin Taft quotes:

"Calgary and Alberta once had the best health care system probably in the world and through a combination of neglect, mismanagement, and I think deliberate sabotage, that's been shattered and there is only one point of responsibility and that is this government."
Author: Taft Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"If the government isn't to blame here, why are they settling for so much money? They need to admit blame and take responsibility."
Author: Taft Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"This government's budget is barely six months old and it's already been blown to smithereens, ... The government seems to have abandoned all pretence of control on the public purse."
Author: Taft Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"She's clearly not in control of this file."
Author: Taft Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"This scares me, ... My family and families across Alberta rely on a good health-care system and we're watching a minister threatening to dismantle that."
Author: Taft Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"He's getting the number way, way wrong on health care and if that reflects his true understanding of the health-care situation in Alberta, we're in serious trouble here."
Author: Taft Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"There's billions of dollars of investors' money at stake here, ... The national financial press will be focusing on this. And for the author of the story to be away on holidays when it's released just is wrong."
Author: Taft Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"This is our lottery win and we have a choice. We can spend it all now or we can think through a plan and invest it and live off the interest forever,"
Author: Taft Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"For systematically steering their customers to the most expensive providers,"
Author: Taft Quotes Category: Customers Quotes
"I think most Albertans believe this is unwise, ... While many low-income families or single parents will no doubt benefit from the funds, it's a waste to give $400 to a millionaire executive."
Author: Taft Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes

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