Randy Brown Quotes

4 Randy Brown quotes:

"We think it's worth $1.1 million. I don't know if they'll be willing to take $700,000."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"I feel the Freedom, the team and the league, we have a great fit, including an owner who has done everything he said he'd do in relationship with Coliseum."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"[Many private companies that typically gas up their trucks have run through their own private stocks,] and they are not getting replenished, ... We are all vying for limited resources."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Independent programming channels promote competition and consumer choice, create new markets for video content, expand the diversity of ideas and information in the marketplace, and improve the quality of our national discourse."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Choice Quotes

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