Gero Neugebauer Quotes

4 Gero Neugebauer quotes:

"I think that there has been criticism directed at Schroeder from inside the party. Schroeder is doing some downgrading of the price of a grand coalition, but that doesn't mean he is completely out of the race for chancellor."
"Merkel has absolutely no choice but to rein in spending. She'll have zero room for maneuver if she doesn't tackle the deficit."
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"It is really a gap between the communicated state of affairs and reality. The public mood is much better than one would think it would be in the current situation."
Author: Neugebauer Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"She probably has enough steam to get into the harbor . . . but whether she will have the power to overhaul the German system is, I think, quite unlikely. Germans want some economic reforms, sure. But not Reaganomics that take away traditional strong social protections."
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