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"He has the contacts and the time to move us forward. There will be a learning curve for him like there is for any first year coach, but we're going to focus on strategies that are effective here."
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"We are going to give them a choice of a number of different wines that fit their taste profile and that's one thing we offer that the big guys don't. There's a lot of wine out there. This is a growth area for consumption. You don't have to spend $50 or $100 to buy an outstanding bottle of wine."
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"It means they have a little more breathing room. They have some time to make some decisions. They have more choicesWe've been a little bit spoiled over the last few years."
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"Those are privately held boxes and nothing to do with DATA or the band. We often have no idea what [lawmakers are] doing. This is not anything that DATA is involved in, and it's not an issue for DATA."
"Precision Synthesis is being used for FPGA designs with their complex timing challenges and system performance requirements."
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