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"While we consider AOL's announcement a step in the right direction, it is still hard to trust AOL's motives to do what's best for competition as opposed to what's in their best interest. They are not interested in a legal obligation."
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"To me this millipede is more the kind of thing that Tom is famous for. It is a little weird, it's cute, and it's a little threatening, this giant bug that could eat you -- but it's also wearing little shoes and a bowler hat. It's whimsical and frightening at the same time."
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Famous Quotes
"But the growth in satellite radio has shown that people will pay for it if we give them more choices and better technology."
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"Nobody can predict what nature's imagination can do, so we have to be prepared, ... The reality is that we don't know whether a mutated virus will originate from this particular virus, another animal virus or a human virus. This doesn't change the need for our advance planning and preparation in order to minimize the impact."
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Imagination Quotes
"People are leaving for the same reasons they always have: they want more space and freedom."
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"If the safety inspection isn't perfect, if the weather isn't perfect, that tanker waits,"
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Safety Quotes

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