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Kirk Maltby Quotes

7 Kirk Maltby quotes:

"We knew they would get better as the game went on because they're a young group with young legs. We just needed some bounces."
Author: Maltby Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"I mean we kind of got a little chuckle out of it more than anything. It's all in good nature, you would think and hope."
Author: Maltby Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"He skated with us down at the Joe this past week before we came up here, and he looks like he's in as good a shape as anybody else. With the injuries that he's had, with his knees and stuff like that, it just shows that he's still got the work ethic and the desire to play. He still competes, and he hates losing as much as anybody, whether it's a game or a one-on-one battle."
Author: Maltby Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"It's a nice achievement. You set out at the beginning of the year to finish as high as possible. That's what we've done. (But) we don't think of it as an advantage or teams are going to quiver because of it."
Author: Maltby Quotes Category: Achievement Quotes
"It's nice to be in familiar surroundings again. I'm looking forward to the first on-ice practice (Tuesday). It's good to be back."
Author: Maltby Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"We got CBC, NBC, ESPN, everything. Trust me, I was out enjoying the weather, but I caught all the highlights later. I was pretty much up to date on everything, whether it was hockey or whatever."
Author: Maltby Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"That's always been one of the big strengths of this team, the ability to roll four lines and have all four lines contribute."
Author: Maltby Quotes Category: Ability Quotes

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