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Mike Montgomery Quotes

49 Mike Montgomery quotes:

"It (fouling) is not something I believe in."
Author: Montgomery Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"This isn't like college where you are building character and molding people. This is wins and losses and you better figure that out pretty quick."
"You've got to force him out of his comfort area and I don't think we did that consistently."
Author: Montgomery Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"It's pretty obvious to me our confidence is shot a little bit and we're just going to have to work our way through it. We've got guys who are missing shots they can make."
"We ended up getting a ton of mediocre shots. The longer we did that, the more they got confidence that they could stay in the game. Then we got ourselves in a hole that we had a tough time digging ourselves out of. We got three shots at the end, but we never should have been in that situation."
"I thought we were better on defense tonight; it gave us confidence,"
"We have lost a little bit of confidence and the Spurs are not a good team to try to get your confidence back because they are a great basketball team."
"Kobe Bryant is a monster who is extremely difficult to defend. They get so much confidence from having him out there."
"In college, you're in charge of everything. In the NBA, you're in charge of nothing."
Author: Montgomery Quotes Category: College Quotes
"It's got us all frustrated. The first part of the game we couldn't get back on defense. Then in the second half, we couldn't guard them when they were in front of us."
Author: Montgomery Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"You've got to admire his courage. He wasn't getting any lift off the ankle early and kept coming up short. You knew he was hurting but he didn't want to come out and let it stiffen."
Author: Montgomery Quotes Category: Courage Quotes
"Very, very surprised. We had had a 45-minute conversation, and we talked about a lot of things. So I apologized to Billy, and that's the end of the story."
"There was a recipe for disaster not having Jason Richardson out, getting in at 4 a.m. and playing a back-to-back. But the guys hung in there and gave us a chance. We battled hard."
"The doctors say he's OK to go, the trainer says he's OK to go and he says he's OK to go. You don't put a guy out there with a restriction."
Author: Montgomery Quotes Category: Doctors Quotes
"He's a little more relaxed (this season), I think. I think he feels like he can give us energy off the bench. And obviously, if he shoots the ball, that's a bonus. He's a good defender. We'd like him to rebound a little bit more, but he's helping us a lot right now."
Author: Montgomery Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"There's no excuse for playing that poorly in the first half, ... But it is two halves."
Author: Montgomery Quotes Category: Excuse Quotes
"The experience of, for anybody, being a head coach, having to make the decisions, I just think it helps your understanding of the whole process. Just confidence and making his own decisions and being in charge, I think it helps everybody."
"They win a lot of close games, that's what they do."
Author: Montgomery Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"He's been good and it helps to have another guy. Mike has come to life the past two games. He's been really good. All of a sudden, it makes a whole lot of difference when you have a second guy that can put the numbers up. He's hit some timely baskets without a doubt."
Author: Montgomery Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"It's a cumulative thing. The last how many games, how many was there a shot to win at the end? And we didn't get any of them. I think these kids deserve a win. It's discouraging and doesn't feel very good. These guys deserve a win."
Author: Montgomery Quotes Category: Games Quotes

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