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"Our ability to do both RF and divider simulations together, rather than doing each one separately, increases the likelihood of a successful chip fabrication for our customers and shortens development time. We expect the new trade-up program to make acquiring these innovative capabilities an attractive option for designers looking for better design flow efficiency."
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"We're resting up. We'll just have another practice instead."
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"We work closely with the police department. We're an extra set of eyes and ears for them."
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"We've been trying to make landlords and tenants more aware of what's going on around them. We're trying to make Craig a better place."
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"As soon as this technology became available and we knew that most of the players had phones that were capable of texting, we started doing it, ... It's basically an unlimited use of contact we can use during a time when we aren't allowed to telephone or visit with a recruit."
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