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"We are gravely concerned about the potential for cholera, typhoid and dehydrating diseases that could come as a result of the stagnant water and the conditions."
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"We are worried about places where we are not seeing processing done with this level and degree of quality. It only takes one spark to set this virus off."
Author: Leavitt Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"If a pandemic hits our shores, it will affect almost every sector of our society, not just health care, but transportation systems, workplaces, schools, public safety and more,"
Author: Leavitt Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"So as we sign this memorandum of understanding, I would like all of you to know this is a step toward a friendship that I know will grow,"
"It's clear to me that this has been sickeningly difficult and profoundly tragic circumstance,"
"It's clear to me that this has been sickeningly difficult, and profoundly tragic circumstance,"
"If we find there is human-to-human transmission anywhere, there is danger everywhere,"
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