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"We're extremely mad and hurt. But the only way to look at it is as a learning experience."
"The lack of experience is not what I would wish (for) going into this game - especially in the third year of my career. I don't feel like a rookie going into it - somewhere in between there."
"Justin has definitely gotten a lot better in my eyes. I feel like he's playing with more confidence and making big catches out there. I trust him to come down with those plays and he's extremely smart, he's gotten a better understanding of defenses and how to run his routes and what coach Turner is asking him to do."
"I'm just glad I could contribute at the end [of the season]. This is the crazy set of circumstances I'm in. It feels good, and I'm going with it. It feels good to be 2-0 at Lambeau."
"It's going to be fun to go back and play there. Obviously, I'm going to remember what happened. Everything will come full circle. I'll think about it a little bit. Mostly, I'll be thinking about what I'm supposed to do."
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"It'll be fun just to get my start again and once again playing against a legend I grew up admiring. It's just going to be a great time. I'm really looking forward to getting back out there and having had a victory there, it might help psychologically."
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"It was tough, but when I got hurt, I knew it was going to be a long process. It took about four or five months to start running. Once I started running I didn't feel like I was rehabbing as much as just working out."
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"Grossman didn't hurt himself at all. He was solid. Nothing eye-popping, but he's got a quick release and good instincts. His footwork needs a little work, but he looked good."
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"Obviously, we're extremely mad and hurt and (ticked) off."
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"Because I've been hurt and I was unbalanced on one leg, hurt the other leg, everything's been out of whack. He's just so good about knowing the human body and everything to get everything working together and flexible. That's been my routine."
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"I think that's just human nature to make you want to work harder to improve yourself, and I think that'll be a positive for me."
"I'm going to naturally make plays. I'm not going to force anything. There's a fine line between just being a gunslinger and running the offense. I'd like to be 90% running offense, with that other 10% being my own personality."
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"I've worked really hard to get back healthy, to get to this point. Just to get to this point has been a struggle. I feel like I'm almost healthy and ready to go."
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"That was our game plan going in. We saw on tape their safeties come down low for run support and we just used Bernard's speed with our (pass) protection to get a couple plays down the field."
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"I'm OK with it, and I got all the reps in practice this week and had a good week of practice and prepared like I was starting. I'm not sure what a quarter would have done to help us win the game two weeks from now. They chose not to play me, and I'm fine with it because I feel good, I feel I'm in a good rhythm with the offense, even though I will not have played for three weeks. I didn't play for a year and a half."
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