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"I can't say that I would do anything differently as a coach, ... You have to go, if you have a guy playing well, you have to play him, that's the way it is."
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"If this is a regular-season game, you are unhappy and miserable, but I was only unhappy with two goals that I feel I should have had. But at this point, it was nice just to get into the game-day routine."
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"They've been in the same school for five years now. I need to get settled first and then maybe they'll come halfway through the year at the (Christmas) break. But, I don't know. It's hard. I will miss them and want them here, but I know how hard it will be on them to move."
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"Under the circumstances, I'd have to say it was. There's been a lot of scrutiny on us lately. But by no means are we out of the woods here. It's one win, but it's a huge win. ... Every night, you have a new opportunity and tonight was nice just to put some of that other stuff behind us."
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"I like being settled, ... I'm not a guy that wants to get moved around, but it is the reality of the game right now."
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"It's the toughest stretch I've been involved with in all the years I've played. It's just a disaster right now."
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"It was nice the way we did it getting some goals in the first period. Even though we let them in a little bit in the second, we buckled down in the third. So, overall, it was a great, sound game."
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"Then we just went right into scrimmaging with the practice. It was really intense, very organized."
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"Comfort, that's probably the wrong word. I think the past two games maybe we have been a little too comfortable. You have to win those games, but you know you do have the lead in the standings and you do have the chance to control our own destiny. You have to win those games, and we have to find a way to do that now. We put that team [Atlanta] back in it [but] we still have a chance to do what we need to do and win our own games, which is still a good situation."
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"I don't know how good a coach he'll be. But I'm sure if he wants to be a good one, he will. He'll be as competitive as he always was as a player."
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"Two goals I wasn't happy about, but I saw a lot of pucks and that's what you need at this time of year."
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"I didn't have any trouble. One rebound I gave up was a little tentative, but I can't say that I had any trouble. ... It was a good test. I don't see it being any problem at all."
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