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11 Billy Beane quotes:

"There are no hard feelings whatsoever. This is part of the business."
Author: Beane Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"For us, it was an opportunity to add a player without subtracting a player. Our history here, usually we're trading a player to acquire a player."
Author: Beane Quotes Category: History Quotes
"We have four very good rookies, but at the risk of saying it before the season is over, it would be pretty tough to find an explanation for choosing somebody else."
Author: Beane Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"This guy's skill level and ability is undeniable. Frank Thomas is a presence."
Author: Beane Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"There was a real sense of determination in talking to him. You could get carried away with superlatives with Frank Thomas. Arguably, he is one of the greatest offensive players of his generation."
"You could get carried away with the superlatives. Not just his power, but his selectivity at the plate. That type of approach can carry over to the other guys in the lineup."
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"I don't think there's any question, ... that we need Jermaine to be his old self."
Author: Beane Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"Frank believes he'll be ready in spring training. There was a real sense of determination in talking to him."
"Do I wish everybody in baseball had the same amount to spend? Absolutely. At some point, the disadvantage of being a small-market team is that the inefficiencies will be weeded out. Having less than your competitor is never an advantage."
Author: Beane Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes
"Lenny was so perfectly designed, emotionally, to play the game of baseball. He was able to instantly forget any failure and draw strength from every success. He had no concept of failure. And he had no idea of where he was."
Author: Beane Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes
"It's something we didn't know about, but he came forward with the information, so I commend him for that."
Author: Beane Quotes Category: Information Quotes

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