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11 Casey Mears quotes:

"He's pretty amazing. Regardless what they do with the car to make it faster, his ability makes a big difference. He's pretty amazing."
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"I think a lot of things are going in the right direction. We haven't had the races that we need in the last few weeks to remain strong and maintain that top 10. We know that, so we're working hard to make it better."
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"Dover has been a frustrating track for me. We've had top-10 cars at times, but couldn't put the finishing touches on the race. This past spring we couldn't get the car to turn right. Hopefully we can get a good handle on this new car we are taking and make my 100th start a memorable one."
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"I can't believe I'm making my 100th start in the Cup Series,"
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"I think everybody knows what I want for my birthday. I'm going to knock on wood. Having a win here at Vegas would be a great birthday present. I know we can get the job done. We've just got to focus on not doing anything wrong."
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"We still know there's room for improvement. The Dodge teams have done a good job of finding ways to make the Charger work."
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"This track has not been kind to the Target Team,"
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"In the past, it was always ... maybe in three or four years you'll be a guy that is competitive. People expect you to be competitive your first year out now. Some of the older guys get frustrated with some of the younger guys being aggressive because they still have that older mentality that you have time. Well, time isn't a luxury that you have in this sport."
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"My first year when stuff like this happened it might mess things up. But these days, whenever the race starts, it starts. It doesn't really change our outlook on the event."
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"I wouldn't put my money on anybody. There's too many variables."
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"It has been a great opportunity for us to come out here and learn about what these guys do. Sometimes we forget how hard [Sailors] work to protect our freedom. To be able to take time out and show some appreciation is great, plus we just enjoy it."
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