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"Waking Up Dead does a great job of portraying the irony of stardom's illusive promise of money, fame and power only to have it boomerang back and cut so many artists to shreds."
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"I think reuniting original lineups is awesome. Ultimately, that's what people want to see. You know, you see elder statesmen of classic rock doing it whether it be REO SPEEDWAGON or STYX doing it. You know, getting as many of the original members that are still around. You see them doing it, you see metal bands doing it, pop bands DURAN DURAN , everybody's trying to do that. I think what everybody realizes at some point is that if you can make those things work it's really cool. Ultimately, that's what the fans want to see when they go see those bands. They want to relive that piece of their youth or that piece of their life when that band was doing what they do best. So, I think given the right circumstances, those things usually fare pretty well for everybody. And most importantly, the fans are happy about it."
"Well, there's a few things. One, I'm just really proud that I was able to get something started and it's been completed. And not that F5 is complete by any chance, but just the fact that we just so nonchalantly got in a room and started something and our passion drove us to make sure that the album came out, and now here we are able to talk about an album that's out. So on the one hand, that's kind of an initial goal that feels really good now to have accomplished. Another thing is I'm just really happy to help open the door for the other guys in F5 too. I've been to the big dance now for quite a few years, and I guess that's one of the things I've enjoyed in recent years with the music production I've done and the artist development and now with this band. It's been a fun process to be able to be put in touch with these guys who are so talented and have such great ability, but for some reason haven't had a chance to get up to bat yet. That for me brings me a lot of personal satisfaction, especially with F5 ."
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