Guillaume Soro Quotes

5 Guillaume Soro quotes:

"Here, in our territory, the elections will not take place on October 30."
Author: Soro Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Our people ask for nothing more than the recognition of citizenship, nothing more than the right to live on the land where their ancestors were born. Nothing more than their identity cards."
Author: Soro Quotes Category: Citizenship Quotes
"We think we are on the right track. We mustn't be impatient. We have made progress and we will continue to make progress until peace arrives."
Author: Soro Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"As for peace we subscribe to the UN resolution... although it contains some contractions. We shall together achieve peace if the major and essential challenge of identification of our population and our combatants are taken up."
Author: Soro Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"We discussed the peace process. We had a fruitful exchange and I leave here convinced that we are on the right track to achieve peace quickly in Ivory Coast."
Author: Soro Quotes Category: Peace Quotes

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