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"I went with them at the first of the year, mainly because of Augustus and her ability to dominate just about any team. Since they haven't lost, I've kept them up there."
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"When it's cold in the Valley and cold up here, it definitely helps out our business."
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"One thing I remember most vividly about Opal Eckert is that she could teach any kind of class - from the most basic high school English composition class to the highest level journalism class at the university. The Journalism Department at Northwest was in the basement of Colden Hall at the time she taught there. I remember that she was always there. She had more energy - give her something to do and she would just pitch right in and do it. She was unfailingly courteous, nice, businesslike and she always remembered names. She will leave a real hole in the world of journalism in northwest Missouri. I don't know anyone who has worked as hard or contributed as much as Opal Eckert."
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"That's what makes the race so hard. There was a headwind the first 10 trials, and if you were in them you had no chance."
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"I was trying to watch all three of them. I was focused on the 8 (First Wicked Lady) and then I glanced back because the colt was in the lead. Then I watched him go all the way to the wire."
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"We haven't counted up the money yet, but the show went well."
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