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"[5. In his essay] Can Gold Producers Survive By Promoting Jewelry?, ... At the end of the day, to revive the fortunes of the gold producers, it is necessary and sufficient to restore gold as the choice of free markets and free people all over the world as money that doesnt depreciate at home or abroad; as money that is as steady as the stars; as money that is as faithful as the tides or, as the American Federation of Labor put it at the turn of the last century: Gold is the standard of every great civilization."
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"Hopefully, it's not packed with people and homes with small lots. I'd like to see a lot of residential single-family homes and condos."
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"I'm reminded of the fragility of life, and that the only thing in life that we really have any control over is attitude, ... she cried a little bit, but the next day she said, 'God is going to take care of me, and I don't have anything to worry about.'"
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"I wouldn't want anybody to go through this once, much less twice. But she's had this heart for 10 years, and we thank God for the 10 years she's had."
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"I along with many others really question the way they've packaged the field house with the technology. They packaged a lot of necessary things in with things that aren't necessary. Technology is important."
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