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John Harris Quotes

9 John Harris quotes:

"We're still alive. We talked in between games, and we realized this could be our last game. We didn't come out to play in the first game, but we settled down in the second game."
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"My guys are just starting to understand that we are playing a team sport. [Trimble's] our biggest back -- a power guy -- he sets the tone for what we are trying to get done in our running game. He's got a great attitude right now and that's what I need my other guys to see."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"I looked at the automotive technology and the power behind Delphi. I thought it was too good to pass up."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"You never know how close you are to having a top horse, ... It's not an exact science and it can really happen overnight."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"We really haven't had much demand from Fortune 1000 or the utilities for CE devices."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Fortune Quotes
"The losses chiseled away at you. But you love the game so much, you just played as hard as you could. Finally, it seems like it's paying off. We can compete in a few of these games. Three or four wins would make my day."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"We let the judge figure out the rest of it."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"He sure is a romantic guy."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Romance Quotes
"This is a major factor in our ability to efficiently and securely deploy SAP across our many remote offices and jobsites. From the beginning, ACS has worked closely with us to make sure our business needs are addressed both now and in the long term."
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