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Nan Aron Quotes

6 Nan Aron quotes:

"[The same liberal groups that opposed Roberts for associate justice declared him even more unfit for chief.] His views are very much out of sync with civil rights, women's rights, privacy, ... Certainly reviewing so many of those memos and briefs and papers he authored makes one wonder whether he understands how the law affects ordinary people."
Author: Aron Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"These documents would have shed critical light on Judge Roberts' record and judicial philosophy. But rather than respecting the co-equal role of the Senate in the confirmation process, the White House withheld vital information."
Author: Aron Quotes Category: Philosophy Quotes
"would give any woman who believes in reproductive rights and freedom any comfort."
Author: Aron Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"No one is talking about filibuster at this point. It's much too early."
Author: Aron Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"It's kind of the eye of the hurricane. He's been sworn in, he's chief justice, we have a period of calm before the next storm."
Author: Aron Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"Given her sparse public record, it is unclear whether she has a basic working knowledge of the issues that the Supreme Court regularly confronts."
Author: Aron Quotes Category: Knowledge Quotes

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