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"We now have the Senate of the largest state in the nation endorsing marriage equality. This undermines President Bush's claim that this effort is being undertaken by a few activist judges."
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"Equality California is proud to honor these champions of equality at San Francisco City Hall. Our gala will coincide with the second anniversary of what many revere as the 'winter of love,' the month when nearly 4,000 same-sex marriages were performed in San Francisco. We are thrilled to welcome our guests to City Hall to celebrate and honor these leaders."
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"These families will never be truly safe, however, until full marriage equality is achieved."
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"Today is an unforgettable moment in California history. The state Senate of the largest state in of the nation just took a bold and giant step in the direction of equality by voting to end discrimination against tens of thousands of same-sex couples and their children."
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"The governor has been consistent in saying he's fine with same-sex marriage if the courts and the people rule, he will support it. The legislature is the people's body, and so hopefully he will sign it."
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