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Ron Frank Quotes

6 Ron Frank quotes:

"I've never seen that kind of depth in one weight class. The depth is phenomenal."
Author: Frank Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"There's a lot of pressure on these kids, especially the top seeds. We have to keep in mind they are teenagers. One simple move can lead to a mistake. And one mistake when you're facing quality competition can lead to a loss."
Author: Frank Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"The atmosphere is more clear. I think the kids know exactly what is expected of them from a coaching staff, the school and the community. Our biggest struggle right now is creating our own identity. I am not sure what that identity is going to be, but I would like it to be hard-nosed, Pioneer football."
Author: Frank Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"That's a credit to him and his workout partners. His hard work and the hard work of all the people around him certainly paid off."
Author: Frank Quotes Category: Hard Work Quotes
"We opened with State College and tied them, 36-36, but lost on the second criteria [most bout victories]. We had more pins, but they had more wins."
Author: Frank Quotes Category: College Quotes
"We've improved our schedule to help all our wrestlers. We want to be ready for the tough competition at the end of the season. Wrestling is a challenge every time you step on the mat, and we want to learn from our experiences."
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