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"I don't think it's any easier. I really don't. My first couple years as head coach, I ran around selling a dream, and I'm still selling a dream, only there is a little more substance to it now because we've taken a step in the right direct. But it's still just as hard of work to close the deal. And any time you relax, I don't think you'll do very well. You have to work just as hard as before."
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"Signing day is an exciting time of the year, and once again, we think we have an exciting class coming to UMD. It's a little different than my first two classes. This year's class is not quite as large. We were a little more specific in the positions we were going to recruit early."
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"I think we learned a lot tonight, especially in the first half. Good teams are going to hurt you when you make mistakes."
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"We have a few more guys missing than what we had hoped. But, you know, we graduated a lot of guys up front, and that's our No. 1 concern right now, is developing the offensive line."
"Ted made some good decisions and a few mistakes, but mostly he showed good composure to lead the offense."

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