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"Well, defensively we're returning all of our starters so if I don't have confidence in our defense then we're in trouble. I expect more of the same."
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"This sophomore class really carried their banner last year and did some great things. They are more confident, more sure of themselves and they know the routine so there is no new anxiety for them. They definitely exceeded our expectations last year."
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"That picture could clear up this weekend. It should be clearer, but it could be more muddy. That's the fun of being in conference play."
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"I keep telling our power hitters not to try to hit home runs because actually when you hit a home run, it is like hitting errors, so we need to focus on the process of having good at bats and the power will take care of itself."
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"The second home run barely got out. The first one was just a question as to whether it would stay fair or foul. It stayed fair. That's gonna happen with the wind blowing out."
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"It feels good. It feels great. I think the kids are feeling really good and lets just keep this ball rolling."
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"She understands everything. She's a great field general. I think we have tremendous strength up the middle."
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"We practice them throwing to the bases all the time, and if they don't get it right they have to do the rep over and over and over again. They've gotten to the point where they don't do the reps that many times because they know to throw to the appropriate bases and get the kid out."
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